Maximizing yields starts 


Are you overwhelmed ​yet?

There are so many ways being tested to get a better yield.

While your just doing  the best  you know how...'re not alone.

It's Okay to Need Help

Farming and ranching comes with so many diverse difficulties. Your books should not be one of them! Outsourcing them is not only "okay", but a profitable investment. Handing your books off to someone who understands, maximizes your "yield"...just like feeding your cows. Or getting your tractor unstuck.
?What are neighbors for

I can open up the time you currently spend bent over your paperwork.

Bookkeeping is a heavy responsibility, especially as a farmer. You have so many different expenses and costs. A variety of avenues for profit. And for the most part, people who sit behind a desk just don't seem to understand you.
I get it. I farm as well, and understand that it takes someone who speaks the same language. Especially in the way of finances.


  1. All Things Virtual
    Start making paper airplanes out of your bills. For accessibility, accuracy, and security all of your documents will be stored in the Cloud. No more "paper" work. Using either Xero or QuickBooks Online, you will have instant access to all of your farm's financial information. Thanks to this, you can farm across the country and I can keep track from beautiful Michigan.
  2. Accurate Data Entry
    It's hard to figure your profit when your data entry is skewed. There are several ways this can happen. One is when transactions are incorrectly branded. I don't actually brand my cattle, but I will brand your transactions! This creates an accurate view for you when looking at your Profit & Loss, and other reports.
  3. Tracking
    Not like tracking a deer. More like tracking your money! By utilizing my crazy sweet tracking skills (Xero & QBO), you can see exactly where your money is going. You'll be able to see which fields certain expenses are tied to. Or which litter of pigs. Or which lot of's pretty exciting!
  4. Timely, Easy-to-Read Reports
    You get the reports you want and need sent to you in a timely fashion. When your loan officer asks for your latest financial snapshot, it's there when you need it. No more running around during tax time. But more than that, these reports are for you! My reports help you see exactly where your farm stands.
  5. Budgeting & Benchmarking
    Proactive. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. I go deep into your finances to provide you with a budget for your farm to help you advance forward. Benchmarking is another awesome tool that I use to show you how you compare to yourself on previous years, and to "peer" farmers. This is useful in recognizing where to cut spending and where to spend more!
  6. Bank Level Security
    In all of these things, it can be easy to think, "Wow, I hope my info is safe out there in the Cloud." Rest assured that I use only bank-level security, to insure the safety of your financial information. No compromises.
  7. One-on-One Communication
    I believe time is one of the most valuable things that we are given on this earth, and I commit to giving you my best. You will not only get one-on-one communication with me, but also a relationship with someone who cares about your farm. I understand the life of a farmer, because I live it!
Finally, someone to help the farmers!
You're the backbone of society. You work with all you've got to keep your farm moving forward.  

However, you might have a bookkeeper who is holding you back in various ways: 
  • They get your reports to you, but have little interest in your financial condition.
  • They tend to be reactive in most situations, rather than proactive.
  • They don't understand the different aspects of farming or ranching.

I understand.  I married a third generation farmer and inherited all of the bookwork that came alongside the crops and the cows. We farm in lower Michigan, where we raise corn, wheat, soybeans, feeder steers, and a herd of Hereford cows. We are just like you. Doing our best to produce quality, and working from way before dawn to way after dusk making sure that happens.

Maybe you do the bookkeeping yourself! However, many times when a business owner takes care of the books on their own they run into a few problems:
  • Other responsibilities take precedence, and the books get neglected.
  • Being untrained in that area, the numbers can be easily skewed.
  • The majority of the work gets left until tax time, creating massive headaches for all those involved.

Now, we love this life! However, the book-work can be a heavy responsibility. That's why I've started an ag-based virtual  bookkeeping service, so that you can forget about the papers and focus on that new litter of pigs coming in. More focus, more profit.